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Traveler's Clinic

Whether you are traveling a small distance or clear around the world, all international travel creates special health needs. International Traveler’s Clinic of Tampa Bay is here to help you with those special needs. We can assist you - from unique vaccinations to simple tips on how to protect your health and safety in a foreign country. Our clinic provides both pre-travel counseling and post-travel evaluations.

We offer the following vaccinations to protect you while you are abroad:

When you visit our traveler’s clinic, you will speak to a trained medical professional who will:

  • Discuss health and safety issues based on your individual needs and destination.
  • Discuss preventive measures for malaria, mosquito borne illnesses and diarrhea.
  • Write prescriptions for recommended medications, such as antimalarials and other traveler’s diarrhea treatments.
  • Provide health information on the countries you will be visiting.
  • Prompt evaluation and, if needed, treatment upon your return.
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4729 N. Habana Ave.
Tampa, Florida 33614

5504 Gateway Blvd.
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544

10740 Palm River Road
Tampa, FL 33619

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