Published on: October 28, 2021

Are you tired of navigating through hospitals and waiting rooms for your infusion therapy? Are you looking for an infusion center but don’t know where to start? We completely understand.

Whether you are new to infusion therapy or are a regular, finding a patient-friendly infusion center can be an overwhelming challenge. Every patient is different and should be treated with individual care and attention. Infusion centers should provide patients with comfort and convenience without having to disrupt their daily schedule. Let our team at Infectious Disease Associates of Tampa Bay (IDATB) help guide you to find the right infusion center for your needs.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Infusion Center

While hospitals offer infusion therapy, they do not necessarily provide the same level of privacy or comfort that a standalone infusion center can provide. Additionally, hospital infusion therapy is frequently much more expensive than treatments in an independent infusion center. When looking to pick the right infusion center, it is important to know what type of setting makes you feel comfortable and what works within your budget. Infusion centers each offer their own personalized care designed for the comfort of their patients.

Here is the guide to choosing the right infusion center for your specific treatment.
  1. Comfortable Setting. Even people who have regular treatments still squirm at the idea of needles. Your infusion therapy sessions should be as comfortable as possible for you. This means being surrounded by highly trained and friendly nurses and physicians to assist you. Friendly and familiar faces help the time go by faster and help keep the nerves at ease.
  2. Cost-Effective. Infusion therapy in a hospital setting is generally significantly more expensive than outpatient infusion centers. When selecting an infusion center, it is important to have a set budget or price range you are willing to put towards treatments. Additionally, it is helpful to look for an infusion center that has insurance and benefits verification.
  3. Scheduling Flexibility. If you have a busy schedule, then it is important to find an infusion center that has broad operating hours and allows same-day appointments. Scheduling flexibility helps you work treatments into your schedule without having to shift your weeks’ plans.
  4. Convenient Location and Parking. With future treatments regularly scheduled, you should look for an infusion center located near your house or work. A convenient location will make it easier for you to incorporate treatments into your daily life. Unlike hospitals, infusion centers have convenient parking that usually leads directly into the center. Hospitals tend to have parking garages and many elevators to pass through before getting to the center.
  5. Clinical Setting. In case of an adverse reaction, infusion centers are ideal for close monitoring. Consider looking for an infusion center that has highly trained physicians and nurses on staff. By having direct physician supervision, you can feel safe in the hands of your new infusion center.

How to Choose an Infusion Center | Planning on Traveling?

While treatment should not stop you from living your best life, many put their wanderlust dreams on pause to carry out scheduled treatments. Generally, most people tend to stick to their primary infusion center for treatments to avoid potential confusion. If your medical professional gives their approval, you can find a “second home” infusion center for vacation.

Your primary doctor should be able to find or reference an infusion center in the area you are vacationing. Once you get in contact with an infusion center, it is important to schedule in advance so the correct medicine will be in stock. Vacation should not have to stop for treatment and treatment should not have to stop for vacation. Both can be arranged if you follow our key tips for keeping communication clear.

  1. Notify your primary infusion center and your medical profession.
  2. Tell your physician the details of your travels and where you will be staying.
  3. Call ahead of time to ensure an infusion center can provide you with your specific treatment.
  4. Choose an infusion center that is conveniently located where you are staying.
  5. Confirm that your health insurance plan will cover treatments at the infusion center you select. For example, some HMO health insurance plans do not cover treatments out-of-state. It’s always better to confirm insurance coverages beforehand, than to be surprised by a high bill after the fact.

Are You New to Tampa Bay?

Whether you have recently moved to Tampa or are a snowbird here for the good weather, it is crucial to have a plan for choosing an infusion center. The key to successful infusion therapy away from home is to have good communication with your doctors so everything can be planned ahead of time.

While there are plenty of infusion centers in the Tampa Bay area, not all of them can offer the same high-quality outpatient infusion services of the Infectious Disease Associates of Tampa Bay. Our friendly team of physicians, nurse practitioners and highly skilled nursing staff will provide you with the most comfortable infusion treatments.

Our Infusion Services | Infectious Disease Associates of Tampa Bay

Infectious Disease Associates of Tampa Bay has a team of physicians, nurse practitioners, highly skilled nursing staff, and two state-of-the-art ambulatory care facilities to offer our community the highest quality outpatient infusion services available. Our goal is to provide efficient, friendly, and comprehensive care under physician supervision at our two convenient locations.

Our Infusion Services include Infectious Disease Consult, PICC and Midline Placement, IV Access and Catheter Care, Antibiotic Therapy, Hydration Therapy, Portable Infusion Pump Management, Insurance and Benefits Verification, Physician Supervision, On-call Professional, and are available 7 days a week. We do our part in providing you with the necessary treatments and recovery plans. For more information regarding our infusion services, call IDATB at (813) 251-8444. We look forward to working with you and welcoming you to Tampa Bay.